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Save the Dates!

To make registration easy, our online form(when available) will automatically calculate your registration rate for you. Whether you plan to pay online via PayPal (preferred) or send a check via postal mail, please start by filling out the online registration form. If you elect not to use PayPal, mailing instructions will be provided after you complete the form.

Advantages to Preregistering?

  • Easy Check-in
  • Qualify for Discounted Rate
  • Ability to Pay via PayPal which includes Credit Cards
  • Pre-Printed Badge

Via Mail

You can fill out the online registration form if you are paying by check. You will see instructions about where to mail your check after submitting your form. Otherwise to both register and pay by mail, please contact the registrar .

Registration Rates

Please note that Mensa rates assume membership in good standing. IDs will be verified on-site when you pick up your badge. The additional charge for non-Mensans or Mensans whose membership has lapsed is $10. For anyone paying this additional charge, membership forms and/or coupons for a discount on testing will be available on-site at the registration desk.

There is no charge for children age 8 and under to attend when accompanied by a registered adult; and there is a discount for attendees under 21 years of age.

Full (4-day) Registration

This is your best value, particularly if you register early! Enjoy four days of programming, hospitality, and fun activities hosted by Chicago Area Mensa!

Payment received by: Mensa Member
Adult (21+) Under 21 (Ages 9-20)
July 14 $125 $80
October 18 $135 $90
At the Door $160 $100
Add $10 to the rates above
Children (Age 8 and under)
No charge to attend. Nominal charge for babysitting (see Kids' Room). Must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Age as of October 31st

Single Day Passes

Please note that the $10 additional charge for non-members applies ONCE per person per registration. Please also note that there is no Early Bird discount for single day passes, though there is a discount for registering in advance. The registration form will calculate this for you automatically.

Adult (21+) Rates:

Payment received by: Oct. 18 At the Door
Thursday $25 $30
Friday OR Saturday $70 $80
Sunday $10
Non-Members Add $10 to the total registration

"Under 21" (Ages 9-20) Rates:

Payment received by: Oct. 18 At the Door
Thursday $20
Friday OR Saturday $45 $50
Sunday $10
Non-Members Add $10 to the total registration

Age as of the earliest date for which you are registering

Cancellation Policy

An 8-percent processing fee will be charged for cancellation and refund requests received by October 18th. Cancellation and refund requests received after that date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, based on circumstance and event viability.


Please contact us  if you have any questions regarding your registration, cancellations, or these rates. Contact our WeeM Chair  if you have any questions about WeeM in general.


  • Lodging - The hotel is offering a WeeM rate of $129 through Thursday, October 17th, subject to availability. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Chair  who will try to expand the block.
  • Speaker/Tournament Submissions - The deadline to submit your proposal for a program or tournament is Monday, September 30th.
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