Info for Kids, Tweens, and Teens (and Parents)

Tweens and Teens:

We welcome teens and tweens to participate in almost all of our WeeM activities; activities not appropriate for younger attendees will be highlighted as such in the program guide (e.g., Pretentious Drinking). Strike up a conversation in Hospitality or join in a game in the Games Room! We’ve even reserved the prime early slots in the costume parade for participants under 21, though you are welcome to stick around as long as your parents allow.

Due to its huge popularity with our Tween and Teen crowd at previous WeeMs and our Monthly Gatherings, we offer the social deduction game WEREWOLF every single night. If you’re not familiar with the rules to this game already, you can learn the basic rules here, courtesy of Looney Labs (one publisher that offers a pre-made version of the game).

Kids Ages 8 and Under:

Kids ages 8 and under attend WeeM for free, with a registered adult. For these mini-Mensans, we will again have our Kids’ Room in the Maple Room, with activities and plenty of opportunity for supervised creative play all weekend long. This is a terrific service for parents to enjoy some of the events and programs at WeeM “in peace” while kids enjoy fun activities and crafts.

Snacks will be provided in the Kids’ Room at intervals throughout the weekend, but you should pick up your kids and visit hospitality when the Kids’ Room is closed for meal breaks or whenever you are hungry.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, we will be dimming the lights and helping the kids wind down. Kids can bring a pillow or favorite stuffed animal to cuddle. Please label everything clearly with your child’s name to avoid confusion.

Please note that a nominal charge — $20 per day ($50 for Fri., Sat. & Sun.) per child — applies for the babysitting services of the Kids’ Room. Please consider our Kids’ Room schedule when making plans for your Saturday evening meal.

The Usual Kids’ Room Schedule

  • Friday (11/1) - 4pm - 11pm
  • Saturday (11/2) - 9am - 11pm (closed for 1 hour during lunch and dinner; see PAAG (when it becomes available) for times)
  • Sunday (11/3) - 9am - noon

Prerequisites. Little ones are welcome in the Kids’ Room if they are able to play with a group of older children up to age 9. While there will be two responsible adults with the children at all times, this is a popular program that draws a lot of kids and features plenty of “3 and up” sized toys. If your children are not potty-trained, parents are responsible for diaper changes (parents on-site of course and available via cell phone).

For children participating in the Kids’ Room (ages 8 and under), a responsible adult must sign each child in and out of the Kids’ Room *every time* the child leaves or rejoins the program. Parents must remain in the hotel at all times when their children are participating in Kids’ Track activities. If any child proves to be uncontrollable or dangerous, their parents will be asked to remove that child from the room and they will not be allowed to participate further.

Programs of Special Interest

Note: All programs subject to change especially this early in the game.

IMPORTANT INFO for All Parents:

No matter the age or maturity level of your child, it is important to remember that children and their behavior are ultimately the responsibility of their parents. Even if your child is old enough to enjoy activities without immediate supervision, it is expected that parents provide guidance as to expected behavior and to supervise as appropriate.

Unaccompanied Minors We expect all minors attending HalloweeM to have one or more parents or legal guardians in attendance. However, some parents consider their children able to conduct themselves responsibly in the context of a Mensa Gathering. With this in mind, at our sole discretion, we allow minors aged 12 to 17 to attend without parents if the parents agree to and sign our unaccompanied minor policy on-site. You can read and print out this policy in advance by clicking/tapping here. A responsible parent must be present at registration, show ID and sign this policy on-site, however. It cannot be mailed in or signed in advance. Additionally, all minors must have their parent’s contact information on the back of their badge. These policies are for the safety of all involved, and we appreciate your co­öp­eration.

Hotel Facilities Our hotel also asks that we remind parents that minors that are not guests of the hotel must stay in HalloweeM areas and not enter parts of the hotel not open to the public, including but not limited to the pool, business center, and fitness center. The hotel will not sell rooms to unaccompanied guests under 21 years of age. For HalloweeM purposes, this means unaccompanied attendees under age 20 will need some other sleeping arrangement (crashing in Hospitality is not acceptable for any age!).

Alcohol Under NO circumstances may any person with an "Under 21" badge consume, handle, or distribute alcoholic beverages at HalloweeM, including but not limited to Pretentious Drinking and Hospitality. "Under 21" badges are a distinct color easy for our hosts to spot, and we will take immediate action on any violations. Alcoholic beverages are kept in a distinct area of Hospitality from other snacks and drinks, so there is no opportunity for confusion on this point. Anyone found violating this policy will be immediately ejected from the event, and, as appropriate, parents and/or authorities will be contacted. Additionally, the same behaviors which would result in ejection for an adult will result in ejection for a minor.


  • Registration - TODAY is the last day to qualify for the special early bird discounts. Discounts for advanced registration are available through Friday, October 18th. (Note: Full payment is required by the appropriate deadline to qualify for the discount for which you registered. )
  • Vendor space - Please complete and submit a Vendor Application by Wednesday, October 23rd. If you have any questions after reviewing the Vendor Flyer containing all the details, contact the WeeM Vendor Liaison .
  • Lodging - The hotel is offering a WeeM rate of $129 through Thursday, October 17th, subject to availability. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Chair  who will try to expand the block.
  • Speaker/Tournament Submissions - The deadline to submit your proposal for a program or tournament is Sunday, September 1st.

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