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Activities Bulletin
June 2021

RSVPs - Always contact the CAM event host as specified in the event details — e-mail , phone , or Meetup .


Chicago Mensa Meetup - All our events are listed; see who signed up, get notifications, and add the event(s) to your personal calendar. Check out the June calendar.

Facebook - The following CAM area- and youth-related groups have their own closed Facebook groups which may have events not listed here nor on Meetup (contact them to join):


Chicago Mensa Meetup - All our events are listed; see who signed up, get notifications, and add the event(s) to your personal calendar. Check out the June calendar.

Facebook - The following CAM area- and youth-related groups have their own closed Facebook groups which may have events not listed here nor on Meetup (contact them to join):

The organizers of the events listed on this calendar have expressed willingness for members elsewhere in the world to join in. Please don’t give them a bigger crowd than they can handle, and do be careful about time zones. The displayed time zone is GMT! If you add them to your own calendar, the time zone should convert to your specified time zone.

To have your virtual event added to this calendar, contact Matt C., the CAM International Calendar contact.

There may be other virtual events, as well as in-person events, which may be of interest to CAM members, hosted by various local groups listed on the American Mensa Calendar of Events.

1/ Tues­day

  • ChiMe Activity Bulletin and Ad­ver­tising Deadlines. Last day for these submissions to the July ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? Find out how by checking out our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Deadline. Last day for editorial submissions to the July ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensans would love to hear from you.

2/ Wednes­day

  • New & “Seasoned” Members 7 PM. Beth, Barb, Heather, Stacey, Jim, and Mike invite you to meet new members and socialize over conversation! Join us in a fun and open discussion about how we came to join, what we found, how we are changing, and what we’d like to see. Is Mensa more valuable than ever as a source of challenging companions and discussion? Can it help inspire both young and old to continue to learn and grow? Is it still OK 🤔 to get a high score and strive for excellence in today’s world? Listen, learn, and share your insights as we socialize and welcome new members! All opinions are welcome. Join us on Zoom or call in using the info available as part of host Michael B.’s contact info. Join us!
    Virtual Event!!

3/ Thurs­day

4/ Fri­day

  • Virtual Cheese 101 6 PM. Join us for Cheese 101 from Fromagination in Madison, Wiscosin. They will ship a box containing 5 of their artisan cheeses, “companion” items, such as crackers, preserves, or dried fruit, and a Fromagination tasting guide and cheese card. The instructor will walk the class through the tasting and provide information about cheesemaking and its history. They will also provide an advanced recommendation of beer and wine to go with the tasting. These will not be included in the box, but you can purchase them on your own. Each box has enough cheese for 1-3 people, and also comes with cheese paper to wrap the leftovers. The online class lasts about an hour.

    The GOBS-subsidized rate for this event is $45 per cheese box. The GOBS rate is only available to CAM members. For questions or to sign up, contact Heather B.. She will let you know how to submit your payment (via Zelle or PayPal is preferred). You are not considered to have RSVP’d until payment is received. If you can only pay by check, please make sure to leave enough time to send via USPS. The reservation deadline was Friday, May 21st.
    Virtual Event!!

5/ Satur­day

  • Murder Mystery: Terror in Tinseltown 7 PM. It’s 1928, and the birth of the talking picture has turned Hollywood on its ear. That is, until famed silent movie star Sly Mandrake turns up dead on the set of his latest picture The Singing Sheik. What seemed to be a tragic accident now looks more and more like a Hollywood hit job.  Who could have bumped off this heart throb of the silver screen?

    Could it have been controlling director Burly Bellows, frustrated with Mandrake’s lack of elocution?  Or was it his vengeful scene-stealing partner, emerging starlet Nettie Potts? Was it famed LA mobster Hoochie Cooh, or could it have been Mandrake’s scorned lover Zelda Pinchbottom? Pour yourself a glass of giggle water and do the Bunny Hug in this legendary Jazz Age whodunit, Terror in Tinseltown.

    We invite you to join us for this GOBS-subsidized, virtual Zoom event, lasting about two hours. Your money can go toward the price of your movie ticket, because this event will cost you nothing. We will need between 6 to 20 character players, so RSVPs are needed if you wish to play one of the roles. Send Karen G. your e-mail address or message it via Meetup by Sunday, May 30th, if you are interested in playing a part. Sometime before the event, your character information will be e-mailed to you. Costumes and props appropriate to your character are encouraged but not required. You are welcome to join us as an audience member, but pay attention because we will also ask you who you think killed Sly Mandrake, ‘The Singing Sheik’.

    The Zoom info is listed as part of host Karen G.’s contact info. Have a beverage ready and pull up a seat to our next murder mystery. We hope to see you there!
    Virtual Event!!

9/ Wednes­day

  • Northern Ex­po­sure Dinner Cancelled. Join us for dinner at a venue TBD in Lake County. Please RSVP (no later than 10 AM) to our North Suburban Coördinator Michael B., so he can reserve a big enough table; also let him know if you need to cancel, even if it’s last minute (by text­ing), so the restaurant can change the seating and doesn’t wait until everyone shows up to take orders.
    Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns!!

10/ Thurs­day

  • HotTopics 6 PM. Join 10-20 of us in learning & sharing our views while having fun in a friendly & safe environment! We will discuss the many perspectives of a controversial topic: Freedom — including but not limited to freedom of movement; speech; communication; beliefs; worship; the press & internet; or freedom to operate a business or go to work; to control our own bodies; to compete based on merit; to expect reasonable safety. Visit Chicago Mensa Meetup for more info. The in-person outdoor location is Be Market located at 24 E. Scranton Ave. in Lake Bluff or across the street by the white tent. The Zoom access info was provided to those who RSVP on Meetup or e-mail Mike B.
    Meetup Virtual & In-Person Event Not in ChiMe!!

11/ Fri­day

  • Rock­ford Mensa Dinner 6:30 PM. Join Dave and other Rockford-Area Mensans for dinner at The Great Wall lo­cated at 4228 E. State St. in Rockford (lo­cated just west of Alpine on the north side of State). To RSVP , for more information, or to get on our e‑mail list, contact Dave L., our Rockford-Area Coördinator. The number of attendees is limited, so RSVPs are mandatory. This event is usually recurs on the second Friday of the month.
    Venue Change!!

  • Poetry Dis­cus­sion 7:30 PM. Our poetry group is using Zoom — now with closed captions — for meetings. Interested persons who are not currently members of the poetry group can contact Joe D. , and he will e-mail the poems to be discussed. Contact Roy L. for the Zoom link or any help you might need. This event is usually held on evening of the second Friday of the month.
    Virtual Event!!

  • Virtual Mixology with Mister Tootsie: Tequila 7:30 PM. Join us for this tequila-based mixology session. Mister Tootsie will walk us through making 3 different cocktails and then we all hang out and socialize for as many hours afterwards as we feel like. It’s summer—that makes this a great month to join us! This is a GOBS-subsidized activity. The subsidized cost is $10 for up to 2 people per Zoom login. Participation maxes out at 15 Zoom logins. One person at each Zoom login has to be a CAM member. If space permits, the event is now open to non-CAM members (unsubsidized @$20/login). To RSVPs and get payment info, e-mail Beth W.. Payment is required to hold your spot.
    Virtual Event!!

14/ Mon­day

  • flag

    Flag Day

15/ Tues­day

17/ Thurs­day

  • Dinner in in the North­west Suburbs: German in Glen­dale Heights 6 PM. Join us for dinner at Schnitzel Platz lo­cated at 729 North Ave. in Glen­dale Heights (west of I-355). Dinners include schnitzels, sauerbraten, steaks, fish, and other specialties, as well as soups, salads, and appetizers.

    This is a a GOBS-subsidized event where ½ the total cost (including tax and 20% tip) of a CAM member’s, and one guest, dinner will be covered for up to $25/person. For meals costing less than $50, the deposit amount re­fund­ed after dinner will be rounded down to a multiple of five increasing the server’s tip. For dinners exceeding $50, the additional amount must be given to Ken, the event host. A refund­able deposit of $25/person is required to reserve your spot. RSVP and submit your PayPal payment using Ken L.’s e‑mail address. Everyone will be notified of either their confirmed seat or their position on a waiting list. Deposits will be re­funded for cancellations prior to the dinner. If there is an issue with the GOBS approval on Saturday, May 22nd, this event will be cancelled and all deposits will re­funded. See more details on Meetup.

18/ Fri­day

RSVP for Fear-Free Drawing held on Sunday, June 20th no later than Friday, June 18th.

19/ Satur­day

  • Beverly Area Saturday Salon (B.A.S.S.) ~Noon. Spontaneous conversation in far SSW Chicago, approx­i­mate vicinity of 107th St. & Western Ave. Please contact Rick E. the Beverly Area Coördinator, for this month’s lo­ca­tion and the exact time as well as more information; if e‑mailing, put “BASS” in the subject line. This event usually recurs on the 3rd Saturday of the month, about midday.

  • Conserv­atives Lunch 1 PM. Join other members of the Mensan cell of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy for lunch and civilized Un-PC conversation. No forbidden questions, no unchallengeable answers. This lunch happens on the third Saturday every month, but the location changes and can’t always be determined in time to make the ChiMe schedule. If you’re curious about the location and the COVID restrictions at this month’s meeting place, e-mail Jim Z. the event coördinator. Open to non-Mensans; bring a conservative friend.

20/ Sun­day

  • fathersDay
  • Fear-Free Drawing with Pencils 7 PM. Join the Art Studio NY for a fear-free drawing class using drawing pencils. No art experience necessary! Our instructor is excellent at bringing people in at the level they are, so whether this is your first, second, or zillionth drawing class, you're welcome to join in! Supplies needed: B and 4B drawing pencils, a kneaded eraser, a paper drawing pad, and optionally, blending stumps. Participants will get the Zoom information prior to the event. This is a GOBS-subsidized event. The subsidized cost is $12.50/person for one CAM member and one guest. The cost is $25/login if no registrant is a CAM member. RSVPs are required by Friday, June 18th; to RSVP and get payment info, e-mail Beth W.. Payment required to hold your spot.
    Virtual Event!!

21/ Mon­day

  • summer

    Summer Solstice

22/ Tues­day

  • Break­fast in Mount Pros­pect 10 AM. Breakfast or lunch and conversation at Jelly Café lo­cated at 1784 W. Golf Rd. in Mount Pros­pect (northwest corner of Golf Rd. and Busse Hwy.), featuring a large and diverse menu. Dining might be indoors or outdoors, depending on conditions. Sepa­rate checks are available. Attendance is limited. RSVP  required in case of possible cancellation or changes in venue. Use Meetup, but if not on Meetup, RSVP to Ken L. via e‑mail by 6 PM Monday, June 21st. RSVPs by e-mail are not confirmed until you receive a reply e-mail confirming your reservation. Otherwise you will be on a waiting list.

23/ Wednes­day

RSVP for Ethnic Dining held on Saturday, June 26th no later than 2 PM on Wednesday, June 23rd.

24/ Thurs­day

  • Conversation with London Mensans 8 AM. Join a video chat with our kin from across the big pond in London at 2 PM BDT. I [Carey] participated previously, along with a few other CAM members, and had a very nice chat with some of our “siblings” in the London area. RSVP to local host Carey S. to receive the Zoom sign-in information (via Meetup preferred). The London host is Ian David Moseley.
    Virtual Event!!

  • Downtown Lunch: Virtual 1 PM. Perhaps Mensa’s longest running event anywhere, Chicago’s Downtown Lunch is held every week, alternating between Tuesday and Thursday. Join us for conversation, laughs, and attempts to define words you’ll never use again. The Zoom access info is included as part of your host Jon G.’s contact information. You may also RSVP via Meetup.

25/ Fri­day

  • GOBS Request Deadline. Today is the last day to submit a request for GOBS funds to be approved at tomorrow’s Business Meeting for any planned, eligible event, activity, or class taking place after Saturday, June 26th and through Saturday, July 31st or later. For CAM events, it’s recommended you submit the GOBS request and get it approved before submitting your event information for publication in ChiMe — so no later than today for events planned for August or later. August events need to be submitted by the 1st of July to the activities editor to be included in the August ChiMe. An article must be featured in the August ChiMe for GOBS-subsidized September events with an RSVP deadline in August (same 1st of July deadline but article e-mailed to the editor; see editorial deadline).

26/ Satur­day

  • Ethnic Dining: Burmese 2 PM. Join us for a picnic dinner (BYOBeverage) with meals ordered from Pa Lian Burmese Restaurant, lo­cated at 254 E. Geneva Rd. in Wheaton. Picnic lo­ca­tion is Blackwell Forest Preserve. The food is mild with some spicy sauces provided sepa­rate­ly. The tea leaf salad alone is a sufficient reason to come. Contact the host for special requests.

    This GOBS-subsidized event requires a $20 deposit per CAM member (and up to one guest) to be paid in advance. A $40 deposit will be required for each additional guest. RSVP and submit your payment using Carey S. ’s e-mail address via Zelle (preferred) or PayPal (cash, no credit card (cc) which incurs fees) in order to secure your spot(s). When RSVPing, include the full name of everyone in your party, whether a CAM member or guest, and whether a child. Full refunds (less cc fees) for cancellations received and confirmed prior to the event.

    Should covid restrictions change and the restaurant be open, we may dine in for a family-style dinner. Bring your paper vaccination card or a printed negative covid test from within the last 72 hours. Carey requests masks be worn until food arrives even if Illnois is in Phase 5. RSVP by Wednesday, June 23rd. More details are also available on Meetup. For Ethnic Dining notifications, updates, and all the details, join the Mensa Connect Ethnic Dining Group.

  • googleCalendarButton

    CAM June Monthly Gathering @Video Teleconference

    Monthly Gath­ering
    (Held via Discord )
    The June Monthly Gathering takes place via video teleconference using Discord. Here are the Discord setup instructions for new Discord members which we recommend you complete at least 30 minutes before the event; Discord is free. Check out the CAM Discord FAQ for many of the features like changing your avatar or setting your push-to-talk key(s), a requirement to speak in the MG Speaker channel.

    To join the MG, existing Discord members can simply open the app and tap/click on our CAM icon. For new Discord members, the Invitation Link will be available on our website. Join the group as we all experiment with a different way of interacting. BYOB and snacks . In this age of social distancing, aren’t you ready to have some fun and to try something different? Members, RSVP via Meetup to let your friends know you’re going to be there.

    Cancelled Until Further Notice.
    Business Meeting :
    5 PM in the Business Meeting channel.
    Socializing :
    7 PM in the Hospitality channels.
    Program :
    7:30 PM in the MG Speaker channel.
    Socializing & Games:
    8:30 PM in the Hospitality or Games channels.

    Get involved! Chicago Mensa needs you. We’re looking for vol­un­teers to fill some of the open po­sitions listed both in the back of ChiMe or on the List of Officers. Try your hand as the ChiMe editor or as Testing Coödinator. You can view the job descriptions and the required qualifications for all the open positions and ones you may be interested in.
    * * * * *
    Express Yourself
    Try your hand at writing an ar­ticle for ChiMe, submitting a photo, or creating a puzzle; see our Submission Guidelines for contact information and deadlines. Host your own event or your own virtual event using Discord!

    Program Topic: “Signposts on the Prairie, Part II: Traces Out of the Wilderness”

    We will explore Northern Illinois, scouting out “signposts” (historical markers), that direct our attention back to significant turning points in Illinois history. Along the way, we will glean insight into how Northern Illinois attracted early settlers and how, consequently, the wilderness years were left behind.”

    Members, see the full write-up in our June ChiMe.

    Discord Event!!

29/ Tues­day

* * * * *

1 July/ Thurs­day

  • ChiMe Activ­ity Bulletin and Ad­vertising Dead­lines. Last day for these submissions to the August ChiMe. Interested in organizing and hosting a virtual or in-person event? Find out how by visiting our guide to hosting events.

  • ChiMe Editorial Dead­line. Last day for editorial submissions to the August ChiMe. Please submit original ar­ticles, insights, puzzles, brain teasers, photographs, or short poems. Your fellow Chicago Area Mensans would love to hear from you.

  • Annual Gathering (AG) Online Reg­istration Deadline! Saturday, July 31st is the last day to register online and to qualify for a discount. See the AML 2021 AG website for details about the “Multifaceted Minds” AG held Tuesday, August 24th through Sunday, August 29th as Mensa celebrates its 75th anniversary in Houston, Texas. Since Mensa Mind Games had to be cancelled, games will be evaluated at the AG — sign up to be one of the judges. And reg­ister now for the Colloquium exploring “Advances in Food Science” presented on Monday, August 23rd.

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