Chicago Pride Parade
Sunday, June 26th


Below a few fellow Ms shared what they experienced or why they marched:

The Pride Parade is such an amaz­ingly *joyous* occasion that I can’t help smiling all the way through it, and I have worn out legs, arms and face walk­ing, wav­ing, high-fiving and grinning.
In years past, I’ve walked the parade route. The energy from the on­lookers was incredible. After­wards, my feet didn’t hurt — my face hurt. I just couldn’t stop smil­ing. Try smiling for a few hours straight and see what your face feels like. Better yet, join us and you can do your smiling at the parade. It’s truly a wonderful experience.
Jon G.
I participate to show support and solidarity with my many LGBTQ+ friends and family members, and because, as our shirts say, “Diversity is smart.”
Stacey K.
As a straight, cis, white, privileged weirdo dude, if anyone should be suspect at a Pride Parade, it’s me. This is the reason that I’m an Ally: there is no more profoundly spiritual experience that the human animal can experience than to be part of a group in which every person is telling every other person, as clearly and loudly and intensely as pos­si­ble, “We wel­come you to be here with us and to be a part of us, without con­di­tion.” This exper­i­ence was human­i­ty at its best. You guys rock!
Joel K.
I participated to show my support. What I exper­i­enced, however, was amazing. There was so much joy and love from the crowd, it inspired me to hope that perhaps someday it just might be pos­sible for people to live in a world where it won’t matter what your gender, race, age, or sexual pref­er­ence is. It was so inclusive, uplifting, and joyful — unlike anything I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience.
Barb P.
  • WHAT: 2022 Chicago Area Mensa Rainbow Pride Parade and Luncheon afterward
  • WHO: You, your family, and any friends who might want to join you
  • WHEN: Sunday, June 26th
  • TIME: Line up begins between 10 AM and continues until noon. The group photo will be taken at 11:30 AM.
  • WHERE: At the intersection of N. Broadway and W. Sunnyside Ave. (north of Montrose Ave. near the Target Department Store; approximately 4500 N. Broadway). The Parade Route will snake south through the north side of Chicago on Broadway and then Halsted to Belmont, then Broadway again and end at Diversey and Sheridan (see map below).
  • WHY: To show our solidarity with members of the LGBTQ++ community, their friends, families, and Allies.
  • HOW: Because parking nearby will be almost non-existent, it’s recommended that you share a ride, use public transportation, or park further away near public transportation and use it. You can also use one of the ridesharing services but they will not be able to drop you off near Broadway—expect to walk a few blocks from wherever they can drop you off.
  • WEAR/BRING: Wear your CAM Mensa Tee Shirt or other shirt in a bright color of the Rainbow Flag. Wear comfortable walking shoes that you’ve already broken in (you don’t want to have blisters for a week afterwards)! Wear a cross-body-strap bag containing two bottles of frozen water, sunscreen with a high SPF, your wallet with at least a $20 bill for the luncheon afterwards (more if you’d like to enjoy one of the many cocktails available), and any personal items you might need (tissues, hat, umbrella, smart phone, camera, snack, chewing gum, etc.).

    Unlike last time, we will not be distributing Chicago Area Mensa Pride Parade tee-shirts — many of you have several of them from the past that you could wear. (If you need one, let Cat S. know and she’ll check if there’s one in your size left over from previous years. If there is, she’ll let you know and you can pick it up at the June Monthly Gathering or at the parade.)
  • AFTERWARDS: And like last time, we will gather for a late private lunch after the Parade and continue to share the warm feelings before heading home. We will dine starting around 3 to 3:30 PM at Frances’ Deli and Brunchery, which the GOBS Fund will subsidize up to $12.50/CAM member plus one guest (½ of the bill up to $25). You can attend the luncheon even if you don't participate in the Parade. If you RSVPd for the meal, you would have been contacted about the menu options—which have been preordered.
  • RSVPs: If you are interested in participating this year, please RSVP by contacting Cat S. at your earliest opportunity and let her know if you will
    1. walk the twenty-one block route or need to ride in the float. If you plan to walk (alas, the Parade coordinators won’t allow you to walk and ride — just one or the other), it might be a good idea to start increasing the amount of walking you do in a day so you won’t develop blisters!
    2. want a Chicago Mensa tee shirt.
    3. join us for the late lunch after the parade!

If you need more information, contact Cat S..

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