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Qualify for discounted WeeM rates by registering today. Book your room by October 10th and request the WeeM rate of $123. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Hotel Liaison who will try to expand the block. Sign up for the Excursions now!

HalloweeM 39: WeeMter Wonderland

October 30 – November 2, 2014


As usual there will be many different programs available — so many you’ll find it difficult to choose.

A sampling of the topics included:

  • Scotch Tasting
  • In the Belly of the Blues
  • The Apocalypse is Coming (To a Theatre — or TV Screen — Near You)
  • Crazy Shades of Blue (An Improvized Comedy)
  • Robert Moog and his Music Synthesizer
  • Improve Warm-Ups
  • Behind the Movie Screen
  • Hit Movies
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes & Potential Cures
  • History of Science Fiction
  • Hells M’s
  • Social Crafting
  • Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
  • Analytics & the Evolution of Watson
  • Science Fiction Aspects of Today's Science
  • Great Films
  • Amazing Race: WeeM Style tournament
  • Movie Flubs 2
  • Auteur Theory, or, The 100th Monkey
  • Writing Science Fiction & Getting Published
  • Bill Shipper the Singing Analyst
  • TED at Twenty: Why Smartfolk Should Love “Ideas Worth Spreading”
  • Really Odd & Special 3 (videos)
  • Consider the Conversation (Award winning documentary)
  • Haunted House
  • Natural Horns - History and Demonstration
  • Preserving Memories with Scrapbooking
  • Board Meeting
  • Nondenominational Worship
  • Shinkendo Demonstration
  • Travel to Extreme Latitudes - The North & South Geographic Poles
  • From the Cheyenne to the Levee: The Golden Age of Chicago Vice
  • Living in the Age of Complexity
  • Return of the Vinyl Junkie

While our Programs Chair is hard at work planning out this year’s exciting offerings, you can read about this year’s keynote speaker, learn about some of our traditional events, and get a list of topics to be covered. We find that presenters love to come to WeeM because the Mensa audience is so receptive, engaged, and interested. Many of the 2014 program presenters have been lined up Also don’t forget, there will be Tournaments in addition to the programs.

We will also offer the following traditional


  • Excursions

    There will be excursions for those who arrive early.

  • Tournaments

    The tournaments will begin at 3:30p.m.

  • Programs

    Expect the program to start at 4p.m.


  • Costume Parade

    The Friday night costume party is one of the things that set Chicago Area Mensa’s RG apart from all the others. Mensan grown-ups take dressing up to a new level. Costumes range from fanciful to funny to elaborate and elegant, but the thing for which Mensans are best known are the pun and word-play costumes. In all of them, Mensa-style creativity is obvious. Bring your costume, sense of humor, and your wits, because our puns will keep you guessing and giggling all night long. Make sure to consider this year's theme, ripe for pun-filled humor! View our pictures to see costumes from ’WeeMs past.

    The kids costume parade will precede the adult costumes as in past years to encourage more adults to attend and support our youth. The keynote speaker will be featured on Saturday rather than Friday between the kids and adults costume parade.

  • Haunted House - New!

    There will be a Haunted House to visit. The kids can visit right after the costume parade while the judges deliberate and afterwards. The scarier, adult version will be set up after the kids are finished.

  • Iron Chef Hospitality

    Come test your skills at ad hoc haute cuisine. The competitors in the fifth annual Iron Chef Hospitality will have 1 hour to create a 3-course meal from whatever food they can find in hospitality supplies, including leftovers from previous meals. Some small additional ingredients may be brought in from the outside, but all preparation must take place at the event. Judges will include our Fantasy Cake creator and our former WeeM Hospitality Chair. Everyone is welcome as a spectator. Allez cuisine! Starts shortly after the adult costume parade.


  • Keynote Speaker

    Mr. Freeze — The Mr. Freeze Demonstration shows the interesting and fun properties of cryogenics using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). It is an exciting science based demonstration with lots of surprises and a few explosions. Lots of different properties and effects of the extreme cold are demonstrated and explained. This science is fun for everyone and may encourage kids to become more interested in science in school.

    Bio: Jerry Zimmerman went to college at Northern Illinois University. He worked ten years at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado, where his projects included COBE (the Cosmic Background Explorer) and a DOD Infrared Telescope. He has worked at Fermilab for the past 24 years on new detector research and machine design. His current work is on the Darkside Detector, distilling liquid Argon to be used to detect Dark Matter. Jeery has been doing Cryogenic shows for schools for the past 23 years and been the Mr. Freeze since 1997. He does 100 shows per year for ten to twenty thousand kids, encouraging them to get excited about science. Fermilab has sponsored the Mr. Freeze Demonstrations since the 1970’s. This is a voluntary activity that is financially sponsored by Fermilab.

  • A photo id will be required for any adult picking up Pretentious Drinking coupons. You will not be able to get them for other adults in your party.
    The ID will also be required at the Pretentious Drinking event.

    Pretentious Drinking

    Liqueurs. The fancy stuff. Polished, cosmopolitan, perhaps even a bit snooty. The stuff you graduate to from beer and wine. You’d like to know more but, gosh, look at that price. What if that pricey potion isn’t quite the palate pleaser you expected? Rejoice! As in years past, you can sample some truly amazing liqueurs, and your money’s no good here! We will supply a wide range of weird and wonderful concoctions from around the world. You can determine which you’d like to own, which should be left on the shelf, and which you should give to your arch-nemesis as a thoughtful gift. Obviously, you must be of legal drinking age to join us. Snobbish accents and extended pinkies optional.

  • Werewolf Tournament

    For those under 21 but still awake at that late hour, in addition to the daily version, we will offer a special Werewolf tournament just for teens and tweens during the same timeslot as Pretentious Drinking.

    Prohibition Drinking

    For those who are not of age or those who are of age but who prefer not to indulge in alcohol, we will have a room set aside for an improved version of last year’s socializing without alcoholic lubrication event.

    Epicurean Experience

    Come test your skills at ad hoc haute cuisine. Similar to the Iron Chef Hospitality contest but for the younger set.


  • Amazing Race: WeeM Style Tournament

    Join us for a repeat of the Amazing Race for Mensans! Based upon the popular TV reality show, teams of 2-4 competitors complete a variety of tasks, some cerebral, some lighthearted, on their way to the final “Pit Stop” and victors’ bragging rights. Our version is designed for all ages and activity levels, and is sure to be one of the most memorable things you’ll do this weekend!

Past Programs

Also, you can access our archives to download the full program booklet for previous years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. (All are in PDF format.)


  • Registration - Discounts for advanced registration are available through October 15th. (Note: Full payment is required by the appropriate deadline to qualify for any discount).
  • Excursions - Register for any of the excursions offered before WeeM by October 20th.
  • Vendor space - Please complete and submit a Vendor Application by October 15th. If you have any questions after reviewing the Vendor Flyer containing all the details, contact the WeeM Vendor Liaison.
  • Lodging - The hotel is offering a WeeM rate of $123 through October 10th, subject to availability. If the hotel block is full, please contact our WeeM Chairs who will try to expand the block.

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