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Human Hungry Hungry Hippos


A life-sized version of the popular board game, teams of 3+ will compete to see who can collect the most balls each round. This event is definitely kid-friendly. Come with lots of energy for this fast-paced and action-filled game. Spectators are welcome. All participants will need to sign a waiver or have one signed by their guardian.

Presenter’s Name

Heather Booton

Presenter’s Bio

Heather is your fearless WeeM Chair who remains convinced that no one actually reads these bios, so why not make stuff up? Heather spent 3 years doing close-up research with hippos in the Okavango Delta. As the sole survivor of the in-water team of 20 researchers, Heather realized how very, very hungry hippos could be, and then dedicated her life to playing this game as a way of educating the general population and as a tribute to her fallen comrades.

*Note: The information above is a draft provided by the presenter and may be different in the HalloweeM Program Booklet.

Date Time

Saturday, October 30th at 1 PM US/CDT


River A

Note: The time & location listed in our PAAG (when it becomes available) supersedes the time & location listed here, if different. The hotel layout for HalloweeM can be found here.

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