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MBTI - Myers Briggs Type Indicator


We live in a world of relationships. The challenge is to understand your specificpersonality type, and then to recognize and appreciate type differences in personal, business, and family relationships. This seminar focuses on the Myers-Briggs measure of personality and preferences, based on the work of Carl Jung. This course features lecture, discussion, and individual type assessment with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Presenter’s Name

Stan Jones

Presenter’s Bio

Stan has had a varied career in multiple activities since leaving UCLA. He also went to the other school across town, which is considered an arch rival.
Stan was born in Decatur, Illinois and came to California compliments of Uncle Sam. Later, moved further west to Hawaii in 1999.
He is a CPA, Cert Assoc Exec and Cert Speaking Prof. He was in politics, served as an Army Officer, and was a professor of Taxation & Law at several CA State Univ campuses.
Stan married Karin Jones in Sept 2019.

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Date Time

Friday, October 29th at 9 AM US/CDT


River A

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