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Social Deduction Games: Werewolves of WeeM


Are you a werewolf? If not, who is??? Come discover which of your friends is secretly harboring special dietary needs in this classic game of social deduction and cold-blooded murder. New players are welcome.

Presenter’s Name

Stephen Rider

Presenter’s Website

Presenter’s Bio

Stephen Rider moderates Werewolf, and run many other social-deduction games, at monthly and yearly CAM gatherings. In prior years, he presented at WeeM a review of the mechanics and play of various social-deduction games.

*Note: The information above is a draft provided by the presenter and may be different in the HalloweeM Program Booklet.

Date Time

Thursday, October 28th at 9 PM US/CDT
Friday, October 29th at 9 PM US/CDT
Saturday, October 30th at 9 PM US/CDT



Note: The time & location listed in our PAAG (when it becomes available) supersedes the time & location listed here, if different. The hotel layout for HalloweeM can be found here.

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