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October 31 – November 3, 2019

Check this site in the spring for information about our 44th WeeM!


Greetings, WeeM-Goers.

As we have done for the last few years, we’ve planned a few off-site events for the Thursday of HalloweeM.

The list of planned excursions has been posted below. The deadline for signing up for the excursions was October 19th. If any excursion for which you signed up is full, you will be wait-listed and notified should there be a cancellation. If you need to cancel, please e‑mail the Excursions Chair../images/email-regular.s.gif so that a person on the waitlist can go in your place.

Transportation To/From Excursions

For the excursions, we will be using shared transportation (two of these excursions are within the 5 mile limit of the hotel shuttle but the shuttle cannot accommodate everyone). When you register, please indicate if you are willing to give anyone a ride to/from the hotel, need a ride to/from the hotel, or will be getting there of your own accord. If you have any mobility issues, please let us know when you register, and we’ll check with the venue to see if they can accommodate you1. If you need a ride and have mobility issues that restrict your use of common transit options, also let us know when you register; we will do our best to check if anyone driving to the excursion can accommodate you, but it is highly unlikely.

1CAM is not responsible for transporting or supplying equipment for members who have mobility issues.

Also note that the start time for the excursion is not the time we will leave the hotel—it’s when the event starts at the location. So if you need a ride, keep an eye out for the confirmation e-mail just before WeeM that will let you know when drivers and riders will gather at the hotel. (This does not apply, of course, if you’re meeting us there.)

Kids on Excursions

While some excursions are open to all ages, we do not offer babysitting on Excursions. As a general rule, parents must accompany anyone under the age of 16. Some excursions have specific age restrictions that are noted under the Restrictions heading, and those restrictions supersede the general rule. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or regarding specific circumstances, please contact us before signing up.


You must register for WeeM in order to be eligible to go on any of the excursions. Since the number of people for each excursions is limited, it is best you pay as soon as possible. Although you can pay by check, if your check is not received within 7 days of registering for an excursion, a later registrant who has paid may be given priority when the excursion has reached capacity.

Cancellation Policy

If we have to cancel an excursion for any reason, any money collected will be refunded. Regarding individual cancellations, unfortunately, if we’re collecting fees, it means the excursion requires us to make payments in advance to book the space. We may not be able to get refunds from the vendor and so refunds cannot be guaranteed. However, if your circumstances or travel plans change after you've booked an excursion, please let us know. If we can sell your spot to someone else, we will try to do so and will issue a refund accordingly.

List of Excursions

Title Time Description Max Number of Partic-
(if any)
Thursday (October 25)
Candy Tour at Long Grove Confectionery Noon Watch a video about candy making and then tour the facility, to see how Long Grove’s famous caramels and chocolates are made. (Live production of any particular confection is likely but not guaranteed.) Chocolate treat included for all who visit.

Children over age 5 are welcome (focus is on education, so not very exciting for smaller children).

Time frame: 1 hour—though might last longer if you stay to shop.

Location: It’s ~2.2 miles northwest of the Westin at 333 Lexington Dr. in Buffalo Grove.
30 People Age 5 and over $2/person
Historic Farm Tour 2 PM At the Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, a member of the farm staff will guide us on a tour of historic farm, sharing the history of the farm and describing farming during the period the farm was built. Our guide will also introduce everyone to the farm’s animals and crops. Though the tour is from 2-3 PM, you can go earlier and stay later if you wish. There will be pumpkins, corn stalks, and other seasonal items available for sale, as well.
Minimum: 15 people — Cancelled because minimum not met. Age 3 and older. $5/person
“Geek Tour” at North Shore Distillery 2 PM Sample the offerings of this fine distillery as you tour the facility, learning from the master distiller all the science and technology that goes into producing artisan booze. North Shore Distillery is highly regarded for their vodka, gin, aquavit, and absinthe, and will soon be releasing their new rum and whiskey. In depth insight into what goes into creating good liquor.

Be advised, the cost of the tour is $300, and that will be divided up among however many we have signed up. We will initially charge $30, but know that you may have to ante up a few bucks more if we’re short of 10. If 10 people have not signed up by Sunday, October 7th, those who have signed up for it will be contacted, to see if they want to pay a higher price to make sure the tour runs. So sign up soon if you want to go, as this should fill quickly as it did last year. But please only sign up if you are committed to going, as cancellations will cost your fellow Mensans money (unless there’s a waiting list).

Time frame: 1 hour—though might last longer if you stay to shop.

Location: It’s less than a ½ an hour north of the Westin at 13990 Rockland Road in Green Oaks.
10 adults Age 21 and over $30/adult
Intro to Middle Eastern Food 2:30 PM Pita Inn is one of Chicagoland’s favorite sources for great Middle Eastern food. Manager of the Wheeling location, Hamdy Hady, will introduce you to the ingredients and culture behind Middle Eastern food and then serve an array of goodies, including (at least) their famous hummus with fresh-made pita, tabbouleh, falafel, and baklava. This will not be a full meal but rather a hearty appetizer course. We will also get a demonstration of how falafel is made.

Note: They have never done this before—they’re just doing it for CAM—so no idea precisely how it will turn out—only absolute guarantee is that the food is outstanding.

Time frame: 1 hour.

Location: It’s ~2.1 miles southwest of the Westin at 122 S. Elmhurst Rd. in Wheeling.
20 people No age restriction $15/person

Things to Do Nearby

If these don’t appeal to you and you have a car, or know someone who does, then here are a few suggestions of great places to visit that are not too far from the hotel (30-40 minutes):

Name Description Location Hours
Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art By art, they mean stones used in art and artifacts, not just a nice rock collection. Remarkable little gem of a museum. 220 S. Cottage Hill Ave. in Elmhurst 10 AM - 5 PM (Tu-Sa)
1 PM - 5 PM (Su)
Volkening Heritage Farm Costumed interpreters introduce you to life on an 1880s farm. 201 S. Plum Grove Rd. in Schaumburg 10 AM - 4 PM (Tu-Su)
Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview A self-guided tour of the farm is available and is also great fun — lot of history and information signs, lots of exhibits, lots of “hands-on” things for kids and adults, lots of farm animals (horses, cows, pigs, chickens), a nice shop for farm-related gifts. At this time of year, there will be pumpkins, corn stalks, and other seasonal items available for sale, as well. The Farmhouse & amp; the Silo exhibit both close at 3 PM. 1510 Wagner Rd. in Glenview 9 AM - 5 PM
Illinois Holocaust Museum After WW II, Skokie was home to more holocaust survivors than anywhere else in the world, other than Israel, so Skokie was the natural location for this moving museum. 9603 Woods Dr. in Skokie 10 AM - 5 PM (F-W)
10 AM - 8 PM (Th)
Chicago Walking Tour Our Excursions Chair has put together a simple-to-follow, self-guided walking tour of Chicago attractions. If you’re extending your stay in Chicago, this is a great way to discover some of the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the city. Contact her and she’ll e‑mail you the information. The downtown area is about 30 miles southeast of the Westin and it will typically take about an hour or more to get there. Downtown & Near-North Attractions Up to you & depends upon attraction

Too Late to Sign Up

The last day to sign up was Friday, October 19th.

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